Employment History


Cogitaire (POID / Scotland Yard)
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Computer Programmer / Investigation Support Analyst
1988 - 1992

  • Advanced C programming on various UNIX class operating systems.

  • Design and implementation of investigation technologies using Oracle / SQL and Accell 4GL.

  • Worked on Olympus satellite systems.

  • Supported Post Office Investigation Department (POID) Canberra Address System.

  • Designed Cheque Fraud Analysis Systems for Scotland Yard.

  • Worked with John Stalker, Peter Reay and POID in industrial espionage investigations at MG Rover.
Christian Art Ltd
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IT Manager
1992 - 1996

  • Provided general IT support for an extremely busy card and gift organisation, including network servers and desktop PC upgrades.

  • Investigated, selected and implemented a greetings card grid management system to replicate manual procedures that had become too unwieldy for general product managers.

  • Purchased an AMSolve accounting system and helped to instigate changes and realise benefits for accounts, sales analysis and warehouse staff.
Kingsway Communications Ltd
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UK Computer Systems Manager
1996 - 2000

  • Relocated with Christian Art after the companies merged, and provided pre-merger support to Kingsway IT staff.

  • Took control of IT department for the 5 Kingsway Group companies and successfully merged Christian Art, Church Ministries, Kingsway Music, Thank You Music and Kingsway Publications IT systems into a unified solution.

  • Worked with US parent company and liaised with the American IT Director to provide reporting and analysis solutions for UK and US management.
Aspin Management Systems
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Software Development Manager
2000 - 2009

  • Designed, prototyped and engineered solutions for mobile computing solutions for sales forces.

  • Original inventor of MiniSell Sales Force Automation system for Windows Mobile.

  • Worked with various computer professionals to implement total “end to end” Sales Force Automation solutions.

  • Worked with Managing Director, Commercial Director and Sales Director to meet with customers and realise MiniSell solutions for current customers and future prospects in both our existing and new marketplaces.

  • Involved with new customer implementations and existing customer support in UK, US, Europe and Australia.

  • MiniSell become the most successful product that Aspin had ever produced, with thousands of handhelds deployed globally.
IT Superhero Ltd
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Managing Director
2009 - 2013

  • Launched IT Superhero in August 2009.

  • Now a well known local business, serving both commercial and residential markets.

  • Launched Virtual Dots Software
Tone Six Software Limited
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Managing Director
2013 - Today

  • Renamed IT Superhero to Tone Six Software in September 2013.

  • Firmly established IT support and services company

  • Generic support offered to a select group of companies.

  • Built specific partnerships with other IT companies to provide auxhilary support and maintenance contracts.

  • Began provision of cartography and planning services, specifically for the Film, TV and Commericals industries.

  • Completed the T6 framework - An extremely advanced, powerful development platform for modern data driven applications.