About Trevor Leaman


Throughout my career I have always maintained good working relationships with my employers and fellow colleagues. It has been a privilege to meet, co-operate and learn with a great variety of people at all levels in the professional sphere.

Always motivated and resourceful, I recognise the benefits of drawing upon the strengths of others, particularly when leading a small team. With my exposure to both the directional and technological spectrum of a modern business, I am ideally placed to translate business requirements into successful, computerised solutions.

In June 2009, we relocated to Essex to be nearer to family. It was at this stage that we decided it would be an ideal time for me to work for myself, especially considering my wealth of computing experience, business and people skills.

The immediate priority was to replace my income by offering local people help with their computer problems. This formed the basis of IT Superhero, a limited company that eventually grew into a larger organisation providing support services to many different business.

Shortly after starting IT Superhero, we also launched Virtual Dots Software, a web based provider of basic software tools. Although not officially advertised, our personal backup software called File Pusher became a very popular product with both home and business users.

In September 2013 we made the decision to cease providing generic IT support to the residential market and reduced the radius of our support services to businesses. The company was renamed to Tone Six Software Limited, which better reflected our third party software and services credentials.

Tone Six now provides support services to a select group of companies and provides auxhilary support services to other IT organisations. We also provide several specialist services such as cartography / planning and investigations / computer forensics and analysis.

In May 2014 we also expect to launch the first of a new generation of IT solutions. This product, which is yet to be named will be the first to use our advanced software development platform, the T6 Framework.